LaTeX workflow part 1

Quite a time ago i was asked,  what my workflow looks like, when writing a LaTeX document. Well, this is a very personal thing, which depends on may parameters.

Of course the kind of your work is essential for the kind of the approach. A book needs a complete different approach then a ten page article. For a book it is essential that the overview can´t get lost. LaTeX is capable of many things, but it can´t correct your content nor recognize content iterations.  

LaTeX gives you an almost perfect separation between content and layout. The funny thing is, that this separation seems to be problematic for beginners.  When starting with Word at school the ability of thinking separate is not trained. With LaTeX you can restructure your document even after 500 pages with a few keystrokes. Don´t try this in Word.

Well here comes the first version of my (desired) LaTeX Workflow. Briefly it says: think first, then bulid a small minimal document an start writing, then make your document an non-minimal one.

Workflow en

Worklow en

I did that workflow picture with tikz.  Text an pictures an data is already in the brain of the author, document size is min. 30 pages. blue  cloud: thinking is required here! yellow box: conception, green box: some thing to type in, grew flag: this is your physical input (requirements, data … ).

Part 1 indicates that this isn´t the last version of this. So check back from time to time 

PS: Please leave a comment if you a interested in the tikz-code. 

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